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Companies (22) Theory (8)
Attribute Grammar Systems (4) Code Generator Kits (7)
Compiler Construction Kits (12) Cross Compilers (9)
Functional (0) GNU Compiler Collection (29)
Lexer and Parser Generators (54) Object-Oriented (1)
Procedural (0) Transformation Tools (11)
Zngr L compoiler
Zngr L Compiler compile the theoretical language L, which is used as a simple language for teaching computation theory
Turbo Pascal 3.0 compiler and code generation internals
Internals of one-pass compiler by example Pascal compiler.
Tools for compiling
LL(1) parser generator, implentations of Euler, and Backus' FP, all written in Icon.
Supplier of software development tools for embedded microcontroller and digital signal processors applications across industry standard computing platforms.
Softpanorama Bookshelf / Compiler Construction
Reviews of compiler books, with links to Amazon just in case you want to buy one
Programming Language and Compiler Research Groups
Multi-site working groups and projects listing.
Nullstone Corp.
Makes NULLSTONE automated compiler performance analysis tool, uses QA approach of coverage and isolation to measure effectiveness of compiler optimizer to perform wide range of optimizations.
Links and Selected Readings for Compiler Writers
GCC extending specific literature, processor chips documentation, collected papers/sites on language standards, compilers, optimization.
Let's Build a Compiler
A multi-part tutorial on compiler construction by Jack Crenshaw.
Free Programming Compilers and Interpreters
Links to free programming compilers and interpreters categorized by language.

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