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Vendor of 8051 development tools
C Compiler for 8051, Avr, Evaluation Boards, Single Board Computer, Embedded Softwares, Simulators
Semantic Designs
Provides front ends (parsers/analyzers and transformation tools) for conventional programming languages such as C, C++, COBOL and Java. Links to description of underlying DMS engine and related tools.
ProFactor Software
Provider of productivity tools for C and C++ programmers. Product information and 14-day trials. Currently featuring a source code formatter.
Pennington Systems Incorporated
develops and markets software engineering automation software, including XTRAN, our expert system for analyzing, translating, and re-engineering assemblers, 3GLS, 4GLS, command languages, database languages, and text.
Micro-Processor Services, Inc.
Software translators, converters, and translation services.
J.M.K S.F. Software Technologies
Vendor of DOS and Linux scripting languages including RapidBATCH and Turbo PL.
HP InfoTech S.R.L.
Makes CodeVisionAVR C compiler, integrated development environment (IDE), automatic program generator, ChipBlasterAVR in-system programmer, code wizard, for Atmel AVR microcontrollers. [commercial]
Green Hills Software
Compilers and Software Development Tools for Embedded Applications. MULTI integrated development environment, and C, C++, EC++, and Ada optimizing compilers, for embedded applications, target powerpc, 68k, x86, mips, sh, v800, alpha, i960, sparc, and arm.
Excelsior, LLC
Package and bespoke compilers, cross-compilers, source to source translators, debuggers, and other tools for various languages, CPUs, and operating systems. Manufacturer of the JET Java to native code compiler.
Edison Design Group
Compiler front ends for the OEM market. Company profile, customer list, descriptions of Java, C++, FORTRAN compilers.

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