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GCC Myths and Facts
Optimizing GCC mostly for x86 CPU and C/C++, but parts can apply to all supported CPUs and languages. Many useful forum comments. [] (February 15, 2003)
Optimizing GCC
How much faster can GCC compile a Linux kernel if GCC is optimized? Doing the compiler alone ups speed 33%. Description, benchmark times. [Linux Gazette] (March, 2003)
First Annual GCC Developers' Summit
An opportunity for the core developers of all parts of the GNU Compiler Collection to get together with those from other portions of the Development tools community. May 25-27, 2003. (May 25, 2003)
LWN: GCC gets a new Optimizer Framework
Artciel by Steven Bosscher and Diego Novillo. The first bits a major compiler internals overhaul have been merged into the development mainline of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) for inclusion in the next release. (May 12, 2004)
Optimization in GCC
By M. Tim Jones. Here's what the O options mean in GCC, why some optimizations aren't optimal after all and how you can make specialized optimization choices for your application. [Linux Journal] (January 26, 2005)
Writing a GCC Front End
By Tom Tromey. This article provides a tour of how you would go about connecting your own compiler front end to GCC. (April 6, 2005)
IDE for DJGPP and other GCC-based systems, by Robert Hoehne, Salvador Eduardo Tropea. Runs on DOS, Linux, looks like old Borland DOS IDE. Has project management, frontend to GCC C/C++, syntax highlighting, integrated debugger. [Open Source, GPL]
PL/1 for GCC
A PL/1 front-end for GNU Compiler Collection. It based on the syntax from IBM OS PL/I Version 2.
An open source SystemC front-end. It relies on GCC to parse the C++, and on the SystemC library itself to extract the architecture of the platform to analyze.
Pentium Compiler Group
Founded late 1995 to enhance and support Pentium optimizing in GCC. GCC optimizes well, but the new x86 architecture needed different optimizing strategies. Descriptions, FAQs, downloads (source, binary), mirrors, links.

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