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YooLex (Yet another Object-Oriented Lex)
A Flex like scanner code generator, but it generates C++ scanner classes that are re-entrant and compatible with the newer standard of C++/STL. Multiple scanner classes and instances can co-exist in a program without tweaking of macros.
YAY - Yet Another YACC
Closed-source, but free LALR(2) parser generator, accepts yacc input with some extensions.
Yacc++(R) and the Language Objects Library
Object-oriented rewrite of Lex and Yacc for C++, with automatic AST class generation, grammar inheritance, minimal state ELR(1) and technology. (Commercial package)
Visual Parse++ 4.0
The tool allows visual design of lexers and parsers for use in C++, Java, Delphi and Visual Basic applications under UNIX, Linux and Windows/NT. New to version 4.0 is support for XML, XPath, XSLT, XPointer, XQL, DTD and Namespaces.
Turbo Pascal Lex/Yacc
a compiler generator for Turbo Pascal and compatibles. The package contains two programs, TP Lex and Yacc, which are approximately compatible with the UNIX utilities Lex and Yacc, but are written in and produce code for the Turbo Pascal programming language. The present version works with all recent flavours of Turbo/Borland Pascal, including Delphi and Free Pascal Compiler, a GPL'ed Turbo Pascal-compatible compiler which currently runs on DOS and Linux.
Toy Parser Generator for Python
TPG is a parser generator for Python. Given a simple attributed grammar, TPG produces a Python Recursive Descent Parser. It is simple and useful for small parsers of everyday life.
A parsergenerator, a simple c++ interpreter and an interactive debugger combined to a visual development environment, which analyzes, evaluates, converts texts immediately.
The SYNTAX System
A set of tools for the design and implementation of the front-end part of translators. The SYNTAX tools allow the generation of analyzers and the compilation of source texts with those analyzers. This has all the capabilities of lex and yacc plus some additional features including better error processing, i.e. an automatic (and tunable) error repair and recovery mechanism.
A scanner and lalr(1) parser generator. It has features like automatic derivation of depth grammar, production of the abstract syntax tree including its C interface and preserves full source information to faciliate source-source translation.
Spirit C++ Parser Framework
An object oriented recursive descent parser generator framework implemented using template meta-programming techniques. Expression templates allow to approximate the syntax of Extended Backus Normal Form (EBNF) completely in C++.

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