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Syllabus for Theory of Computation
A complete mini-course on Formal Languages and Automata
Researchers in Programming Languages and Compilers
A list of home pages for researchers working on programming language theory, design, implementation, and related areas. Maintained by Mark Leone at CMU.
Programming Language Research
A collection of information and resources for research in programming language theory, design, implementation, and related areas.
FreeTechBooks - Compiler Design and Construction
Free online books on compiler design and construction. Subjects include concepts and tools.
Creating A Language
Article by Fabio Fernandes for beginners.
Compilers Construction
Notes on compiler theory, the source code of describing actual construction of compiler in C programming language. Also compiler construction related links to books, notes, tutorials, and news groups.
Compilers and Compiler Generators
Article by P.D. Terry, Rhodes University, 1996
The ACM Special Interest Group for Programming Languages. SIGPLAN explores techniques and tools for programming language implementation, design, and use.

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