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A component framework similar to what Microsoft has done with COM or has done with XPCOM, but with slightly differing goals.
Java and .NET cross-paradigm SOA middleware that provides a coherent set of system services. By Fitech Labs.
Working conference on Component Deployment
Information regarding the Working Conference on Component Deployment. Including Overview, Important dates and Co-chairs of the Conference.
UNO Development Kit
Openoffice's component toolkit - UDK. Similar to Microsoft's COM with some improvements including cross-platform implementation.
OSCAR (Open Standards for Container/Content Allowing Re-use)
OSCAR was formed in 1997 as a LISA Special Interest Group to discuss and develop ways to standardize data exchange between various translation tool systems.
Object Edge Inc
Components and frameworks are used in developing component-based large-scale enterprise systems using J2EE, XML, and Smalltalk.
Middsol GmbH
Offers application development tools and solutions in order to provide interoperability between Java/J2EE and CORBA and the Microsoft .NET architecture.
Develop architecture and integrated solutions for enterprise software systems, based on CORBA, XML and J2EE. Also offer support, training and a certification program.
Dependable Embedded Components and Systems
Researching, developing set of certified generic commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware and software components in time-triggered architecture. Descriptions, schedule, participation forms, links.
Component-based Developer's Headquarters
Columns, trends, and reviews on designing components and component-based software solutions. By Castek Software Factory Inc.

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