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Team Remote Debugger 2001
A tool that allows an individual or team to trace and debug any number of code units which may reside on multiple shared and dedicated servers at the same time. Supports ASP,VB,VC,VJ,T-SQL,Delphi,CFML.
A logging tool for debugging and monitoring .NET, Java and Delphi applications. [Commercial, free personal edition for non-commercial use]
Sankhya Tools for Software Development
Sankhya Simulator, a retargetable Instruction Set Simulator that loads ELF/DWARF and S-Record Files; Sankhya Debugger, a simple assembly level system debugger.
Paradigm DEBUG/RT Debugger
Embedded system debugging tool for Intel, AMD, NEC x86 processors. By Testech Electronics.
Microsoft Debugging Tools
Downloads and related resources for debugging tools for Windows.
LabitStudio is a tool that helps you to analyze the reason of the exception in your application. It helps you to find the reason of the application failure without asking the user a great number of questions. Labit Disassembler is a library which allows you to disassemble binary code from memory or a file. DumpAnalyser is a free distributable instrument to create reports from dmp-files at this moment it supports creating reports in HTML format.
HP WDB Debugger
An HP-supported implementation of the GNU GDB debugger.
The GNU Visual Debugger (GVD)
Written in Ada as a front end to GDB and other debug programs.
GDB: The GNU Debugger
Allows debug programs written in C, C++, and other languages, by executing them in a controlled fashion, and printing their data, on a wide variety of UNIX and non-UNIX systems.
Debuger for Fortran, C, C++, assembler. It can work with compilers from multiple vendors. By ABSOFT Corporation. [Commercial]

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