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Zortec International
Solutions for e-commerce, multiplatform Rapid Application Development, and migration tools for converting legacy applications and data to open systems. Providing client server and gateways to RDB.
Rapid Application Development and self contained multiplatform execution environment. The execution environment includes a full featured GUI. It run on a barebones system such a LINUX box with simple SVGALIB or FBDEV graphics, MSDOS with VESA graphics adaptor, or on a system using a host graphics system such as X11 (XWindows), MS Windows or OS/2.
An Integrated Development Environment (IDE), enabling development of shared applications while remaining open to programming languages and databases.
An advanced object relational database management system, that allows you to better model your organization's data for today's complex business applications. UniSQL Server enables you to unify your organization, to provide a single, global view of your organization's disparate data, thereby leveraging existing systems and anticipating the customer-focused future.
System Z
Platform and database independent RAD environment with own high-level programming language. by Zortec International.
Suneido: Integrated Application Platform
Suneido is an Open Source Software, object oriented programming language for Windows.
Select Component Factory
Integrated set of products for software design, design review, service/component management, requirements management, code generation. Supports relational databases, XML, .NET (C++, Visual Basic, Visual C#), IBM WebSphere, WSDL, Java. By Select Business Solutions. [Commercial]
Script Debugger IDE
A development platform for building custom business solutions. It includes a powerful script and form editors and debugging tools for Microsoft VBScript and JScript. It supports full client and server script debugging.
PRO-IV Resource Center
A PRO-IV questions and answers. Downloads. Jobs.
Integrated open development system for creating database driven Internet applications.

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