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Universal Cross Disassembler
XDASM - DOS based cross-disassembler supports numerous processor types, by Data Sync Engineering.
Transputer disassembler.
By Andy Rabagliati.
Microprocessor Development Tools include multi processor emulators and disassemblers.
80196 disassembler by zartoven.
SST Global-Decompilers
Decompilers for IBM midrange systems.
Reverse Engineering Compiler
Program that tries to make source coden (C) from binary, multiplatform. There are MIPS disassembler too, by Giampiero Caprino.
Interactive Disassembler for Rockwell C29/C39 (C40) code by Lewin A.R.W. Edwards.
A win32-based disassembler and resource viewer for Palm Pilot applications. Links to other Palm tools.
Open Reverse Code Engineering
An open community site offering a number of services including blogs, forums, download and reference libraries.
Misosys Disassembler
Tim Mann's TRS-80 Page includes Misosys Disassembler, aka PRO-DUCE.

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