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An extensible, distributed system for game development, consisting of an abstract game client, and a game server to which players connect to play games against other players or alone.
Ziron Multimedia
Links to articles, source code, and tutorials.
Zingtech Computer Solutions
Development site with tutorials, an introduction to DirectX and a game idea center. Also Allegro game programming library sections. Books. Links.
Xtreme Games
Free tools and source code and an offer to sign up new developers for joint ventures for a general pooling of resources.
Games development articles and tutorials. Game industry news.
Web Game Builder
Free resource for anyone wishing to write online games. Offering tutorials, forums and linking to member games.
Aimed mainly at the new games programmer. It contains notes and answers to common questions with examples in C++ and DirectX. Resources. T2, a free terrain texture generation tool.
SoftLight Development
Lots of programs and source code, development tools, Direct X examples, and killer links. With a Windows focus.
Simple Game Engine
Information, screenshots and downloads for Simple Game Engine (freeware) that enables you to write your own games using a definition language.
RPG game programming page
Page related to RPG programming. Has a freeware game (not finished, but in development) w/ all its sources

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