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Softpanorama Universitys Annotated C Webliography
A collection of links and information.
ProgrammingSite : C section
A collection of resources for C programmers.
programmershelp - C Section
A collection of resources for C programmers including tutorials, books, reviews, links, compilers.
Programmers Heaven - C / C++ Zone
Resources for beginner to advanced programmer.
Other Sources
An assortment of links with some pointers to tools and papers you probably haven't seen before. Needs much better organization.
Logic Programming in C
Logic programming, parsing and compiling with free online books and tools. Full C code given for prefix-to-infix translator, regular expression expander, EBNF parser.
Learn Programming 123 - C
Tutorials for beginners and advanced. Explainations of all the standard libraries, keywords. Reference guide. Forum.
The International Obfuscated C Code Contest
A place for C programmers to show their programming style.
Experts Exchange
Area for C programming technical support, help with projects by qualified experts.
Dr. Dobbs Programmers Vault
The place where programmers dreams come true. Covers all aspects of programming from making games and utilities to creating websites.

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