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Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup
Discusses the language standardization effort and some of the design decisions of C++. (September, 1996)
An Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup: The Future is Multiparadigm Programming
About the object-oriented revolution, rigors of real-world software development, diverging of C/C++, and some additions to C++ standard he would like. [LinuxWorld] (February 20, 2001) - defines main()
Publishes a smallest C++ program under the GPL license.
"Hello, World" in C++
Code for the C++ implementation of the famous "Hello, world" program.
Guru of the Week
A regular series of C++ programming problems created and written by Herb Sutter.
C++ Wiki
Wiki page at Portland's pattern repository about the C++ programming language.
The C++ Programming Language
Bjarne Stroustrup's information page about the programming language. Also contains links to other sites.
C++ Language Notes
Describes the features of the language that are most useful to engineers and scientists.
C++ in 2005
This extended foreword presents a perspective on "The Design and Evolution of C++" and on C++ itself. In particular, it reflects on the use of C++ over the last decade and presents plausible directions for the next revision of the ISO C++ standard, C++0x. (Bjarne Stroustrup) [PDF]

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