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Webring: Forth Programming Webring
Easy signup submission page, with some content. This website powered by webserver software zHTTP written in zForth (what else?) by site author.
Palm Pilot applications
Developped in Forth. Some sources are freely available.
On Standardizing Object-Oriented Forth Extensions
Treats points relevant to the Neon/Yerk model, which is implemented in Mops, Win32Forth, and ANS Forth; and which now seems to be the most popular model.
Object-Oriented Forth Survey
ACM SIGPLAN article by 2 academics surveys, summarizes, and compares 17 OOFs.
Morse trainer for PalmOS written in Forth
Including source program in Quartus Forth (a Forth implementation for PalmOS). Write a phrase and then listen to it in morse. The program includes words for setting speed (in WPM, CODEX and PARIS) and tone pitch.
Mind.Forth Artificial Intelligence
Robot AI (in Win32Forth) based on an original theory of mind.
Hello, World program
Example of simple Forth program.
FTP Uni-Bremen: Forth
FTP Interface to University of Bremen's Center for the Study of Information Technology.
Forth WWW and FTP Links
Commercial Sites and other, Forth Systems, FTP sites, People
Forth-83 standard
Older Forth standard (superseded by the 1994 one).

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