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use Perl
All the Perl that's Practical to Extract and Report. [RSS]
A feed of the latest articles. [RSS]
Vanilla Perl
An experiment to provide binary Perl distributions for the Microsoft Windows platform that include a bundled compiler, providing the ability to install XS modules directly from CPAN.
use Perl
General discussion of perl and issues relating to it, Perl news.
–°ollection of ad-free Perl scripts, tutorials, classes and custom programming.
An implementation of Perl 6, written in Haskell. It aims to implement the full Perl6 specification.
Perl/Tk Information and Resources
Links, and information on a book including sample chapter, additional content, reviews, sources, errata. Articles. The State of the Onion 5
Larry Wall's annual summary of the state of the Perl world from the recent July 2001 O'Reilly Open Source Convention.
Perlcast - Podcasting Perl
Site that podcasts Perl news in MP3 format, blog, and discussion forum.
Perl Paraphernalia
By Mark-Jason Dominus, author of the Higher Order Perl book. Hints, articles, Perl modules, programs.

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