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Personal Pages (56) Tools (57)
Commercial Services (63) Documentation and FAQs (16)
Resources (36) Scripts (154)
Tutorials (66) User Groups (13)
PHP, MySQL and Apache articles, tutorials, guides and a free help forum. Free PHP scripts and programming tips and tricks.
Quality Assurance Team
Voulonteer coders dedicated to providing coders with quality assurance.
Dedicated to PHP programmers that use the Mac OS, in particular Apple's OS X unix system. Tutotials, articles and support.
PHP and MySQL articles, tutorials and codesnippets. It also has database with commonly asked questions.
PHP Magazine Blogs
A community of PHP authors. You can start own PHP blog.
PHP Freaks
A community designed to assist developers with PHP and MySQL related information. Includes tips, tutorials, forums, articles, code examples and manuals.
PHP Everywhere
John Lim's weblog with comments and reviews. Links to his longer articles and manuals.
PHP Club
A programmer's group united by a desire to develop PHP technologies in the Internet. News, articles, applications and FAQ.
Making the Case for PHP at Yahoo!
Slides from a talk where Michael J. Radwin makes the case for using PHP over other languages.
International PHP Magazine
Web-based magazine for Web professionals focused on PHP based development. News, online articles, book reviews, forum.

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