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Yet Another Object Oriented Operating System
A project of developing new object oriented operating system.
visopsys OS Development
A collection of source code, information, and links related to general Operating Systems Development on the Web.
Virtual Memory Tutorial
Extensive discussion of virtual memory.
A repository of UNIX-related material, consisiting of: tutorials, programs, source code and miscellaneous information.
Tuomo Kortesmaa
Notes and example code for basic operating systems concepts, threads, sockets, and device drivers.
Triple Fault Club
Information on writing your own operating system, protected mode, and small independent OS projects with freely-available source code.
TAJ Operating System
TAJ is an object oriented operating system written in C++. It is a multitasking, multithreading and a multiuser operating system.
Porting UNIX to the 386
Historic article series appearing in 1991 that started the open source operating system movement.
Pierre's Library
A resource center for PC operating system developpers. The aim is to provide reliable documents about software and hardware standards under the aspect of official specifications as well as more friendly documents.
The OSKit Project
An open source set of libraries that can be used as building blocks for an operating system for x86. Includes documentation and publications.

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