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Free Compilers and Interpreters
List of free compilers and interpreters for programming languages with descriptions.
Dmitry Smaghin's site
A collection of educational compilers, assemblers, disassemblers, interpreters with sources (C, Pascal). Links to freeware compilers.
Deadly Sins
For a compiler writer from P. J. Brown's Writing Interactive Compilers and Interpreters.
Simple programming language and compiler, with sources on its own input language; DOS, Win32 versions. Some information on compiler design. By Andrei V. Khokhlov.
Directory, search engine of compiler-related sites. People, books, papers, publishers, decompiling, generators (scanner, parser, backend), translators, compiler compilers, courses, tutorials, library, FAQ, free, companies, tools, mail list, survey/poll.
Compiler Jobs
Compiler job openings at companies and universities.
Compiler Construction with Minijava
Provide a resource on the process of creating a modern compiler. This site will provide useful resources on lexical analysis, parsing, abstract syntax tree generation, and typing checking for the Minijava grammer.
The Compiler Connection
A comprehensive listing of compiler companies, compiler research projects, benchmarks, and compiler job listings.
The comp.compilers Newsgroup
Home page of newsgroup. Searchable archives beginning from 1986, search, file archive, RSS feed.
Catalog of Free Compilers, Interpreters, and Other Language Tools
Searchable listing of programming language tools that come with source code.

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