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Jungclaus Software Engineering
TWAIN toolkits, drivers, utilities and application development tools, and demo software.
Jargon Software
Provides software tools for development and deployment of thin-client wireless and desktop PC Internet business and e-commerce applications.
A software development technology that makes it easier and faster to create computer programs.
The Internet Multicasting Service
Offers metadata management and suite of information management tools. Highlights timeline of organization and Internet milestones and describes current initiatives.
Infrex Rule Engine
A Rule Base Engine that allows clients to separate business rules from application code. So business users can change rules on the fly without the application code having to be changed. Include Rule Editor, Rule Translator (generates C/C++/Java/C# code from the rulebase), Rule Interpreter (interprets rules in the rulebase file at run-time). [Commercial]
Infragistics, Inc.
Develops software products for applications developers. Products include development tools, objects and components, and templates.
Headway Software
Advanced source code analysis techniques to understand and measure structure (architecture, design, composition, dependencies).
GPP - Generic Preprocessor
A general-purpose preprocessor with customizable syntax, suitable for a wide range of preprocessing tasks. [Open source, GPL]
GenerExe's XPad
Allowing to visually design, program, simulate, document and compile native code for plug-in targets, including the PIC16F84, 68HC11 and PalmOs platforms.
Fundamental Objects
Offers development tools and services for windows and handheld operating systems.

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