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Free Programming Tools
Directory of free development tool for a variety of platforms.
FMS Inc.
Provider of Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and SQL server tools. Offers a collection of resources for Microsoft Access, VB and SQL Server developers.
Providing development tools for Microsoft Visual Studios.
EMS HiTech
Offers products database administration; data management utilities; and Delphi/C++Builder components.
Directory of freeware and shareware products for software developers.
Developer Solutions International
International software reseller providing a range of components, tools and services marketed toward the professional software developer. Tools
Directory of developer tools.
Compuware Products
Provides products, services and solutions to help IT professionals develop, integrate, customize, test and maintain business-critical applications.
CNS International
Offers software development tools for desktop, n-tier and client-server environments.
Provide IntegrationSuite (platform to bring legacy C/C++ applications to the Intranet and the Internet), ApplicationSuite (modeling of business cases enables close interaction with end-users, generation of data repositories and business rules, assembly of applications from prefabricated and custom application packages), MDASuite (manufacturing data analysis and acquisition).

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